Daily chicken raising, these 4 points are easy to cause chic

In the process of raising chickens, there will be various problems, among which the overfeeding of chickens will do great harm to the flocks, the overfeeding of chickens will affect the feed conversion rate and increase the cost of breeding, and the excessive feeding for a long time will cause the growth of flocks to be hindered and the ability of disease resistance to decline. So what are the causes of chicken overfeeding? Let's learn about it. 

Chicken feed. 
1. mold effect. 

Mold policy in the case of the naked eye is difficult to see, if the naked eye can see, then the situation is very serious. Mold caused by the material is generally more frequent in summer and autumn. At present, the general feed raw materials have mold exceeding the standard, if the long-term consumption of mold exceeding the standard feed is naturally not too much, so in the actual production process can be regularly added to prevent mold caused by overfeeding. 

2. intestinal flora. 

If the balance of intestinal flora is broken, it can also lead to overfeeding. We know that beneficial bacteria and harmful bacteria coexist in the intestines, and it is impossible to completely eliminate the other side. when this balance is broken, harmful bacteria rise rapidly, and the digestion and absorption capacity of the intestinal tract will decrease, resulting in overfeeding in chickens. 

Chicken overfeeding reason. 
3. parasites. 

If there are parasites in the intestinal tract, such as coccidiosis, taeniasis, nematodes and so on, it will destroy the intestinal mucosa, affect the normal peristalsis of the intestinal tract and the retention time of feed in the intestinal tract, resulting in overfeeding. 

4. gastric diseases. 

The stomach belongs to the digestive system and is directly connected to the intestinal tract. if there are stomach diseases, such as adenomyosis, it will reduce the digestion of feed by the stomach, and then transfer the pressure of feed digestion to the intestinal tract, in the long run. In the face of such pressure in the intestinal tract, there will be problems, resulting in thinning of the material. 

Chicken overfeeding matters. 
These are some of the reasons that lead to the overfeeding of chickens. in fact, it is not difficult to raise chickens well. as long as we understand the causes of the disease and do a good job of effective avoidance measures in daily management, then the efficiency of raising chickens will certainly be improved.
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