Disinfection method of quicklime in chicken coop and matters

Quicklime disinfection is a common method in aquaculture industry. it has the advantages of low cost and good disinfection effect, so many farmers choose it. But in the use of quicklime disinfection process should pay attention to the operation method, once used improperly easy to let the chicken damage, how to use correctly? Let's take a look at how to do this. 

Chicken coop quicklime disinfection. 
1. method of disinfection and use of quicklime. 

The use of quicklime is mainly due to the chemical reaction that occurs after it is mixed with water to produce strong alkali to play the role of sterilization. it is not to say that quicklime can be sprinkled on the ground, so that it will not be able to disinfect. And when it comes to water, it's easy to hurt people and chickens. 

Correct operation: 

1. sprinkle water in areas that need to be disinfected first. 

2. then sprinkle quicklime evenly on the surface, quicklime reacts with water, heat and strong alkali to disinfect the ground. 

3. for some walls, 10% or 20% of raw lime water can be sprinkled on the walls and gaps to play a good disinfection effect. 

Disinfection method of quicklime in chicken coop. 
Matters needing attention in quicklime disinfection. 

1. quicklime has good water absorption, it is easy to be damp and is not conducive to storage. buy as much as you can to avoid waste. 

2. the method of spraying lime water in the chicken coop is not advisable, which will increase the dust in the chicken coop, lime and irritation, but also cause respiratory tract disease in the chicken herd. 

3. when using lime disinfection, attention should not be paid to the use of bleach, copper sulfate and other acidic disinfection products disinfection, which will greatly reduce the role of disinfection. 

4. pay attention not to mix with other impurities when using, otherwise the heat generated by fever during disinfection may cause other substances to explode. 

5. in the process of use, we must pay attention to do a good job of their own safety, to avoid scald. 

Matters needing attention in disinfection of chicken coop with quicklime. 
The above is about chicken disinfection with quicklime, as a low-cost disinfection material, many people will choose quicklime, but in the process of use, we must master the correct disinfection methods and matters needing attention.
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