Our company is a key company which focuses on producing breeding equipments and related productions. It is founded in 1991. and owns a property of RMB 8 million, Annual income has reached nearly one hundred million CNY.Company to science and technology, the development of innovative ideas, increasing scientific and technological input, First to introduce the most advanced production and processing equipment, the existing automated production lines cage network, in dependent Development of mechanized crossing zinc technology to achieve a first-class anti-rust capability, eight various ancillary processing equipment More than ten sets. New product development mew achievements, its own intellectual property rights of brood rearing cage has obtained national patent, being a recognized advanced products. Human-type cage layer on the skip Are national patent applications. New products developed for large-scale laying hen, broiler breeding industry Dan Medium and small customers to create a good economic and sociablenefits, the main product performance by experts Recognition of proprietary products fill the blank of domestic chicken cage.

Mainly Products:
l  H Type Layer Cage        Automatic Feeder For H Or A Type Cage
l  H Type Rearing Cage      Automatic Egg Collector For H Or A Type Cage
l  H Type Brooder Cage     Automatic PP Material Desludging Machine
l  A Type Layer Cage         Cooling Pad & Fan
l  A Type Rearing Cage        Plastic Transport Cage
l  A Type Brooder Cage      Nippler Drinker,Silo,Feed Mill, Feather Plucker,Incubator

l  Nigeria                 Mozambique
l  Algeria                 Tanzania
l  Uganda                 Benin
l  Zambia                 Congo
l  Kenya                  Zimbabwe
l  Cameroon              Egypt
l  UAE                   Mauritius
l  Sudan                 Mongolia
l  Libya                  Russia
l  Tunisia                 Pakistan
l  Morocco               Vietnam
l  Guinea                 Indonesia
l  Ghana                 Philippines
l  Angola                 India

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